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One Mind Yoga is a boutique yoga studio, hosted by warm and welcoming people looking to live life to the fullest. We located in a small peaceful city of Summerside, south-west beautiful Prince Edward Island.

We appreciate yoga as a time-tested way to integrate body, breath and mind for holistic wellbeing and would love to share that with our community.

With yoga, the body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.

With yoga, there’s always something for you, whether you're look for an active workout to energize or a slower pace to wind down a long stressful day, either challenging your body to stay fit or clearing your mind to maintain your wellbeing.

Our studio is peaceful, light-filled, and well ventilated. Our team is friendly and supportive. We usually work with hands-on, non-judgmental adjustment to ensure you feel empowered to reach your goals at your own pace while enjoying the beautiful practice of yoga.

Whether you are a beginner in an adventurous mood or a seasoned practitioner, we invite you to come join and breath along with us. All are welcome. We have something for everyone.

We offer classes in several different styles of yoga.

We offer in-person and online classes.

We are also available for private classes for individuals, companies, sports teams and social groups.

Lastly, our space is available for rent for private events.

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